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This material must not be used for commercial purposes, or in any hospital or medical facility. Failure to comply may result in legal action. Medically reviewed by Drugs. Last ated on Feb 3, How does your body get oxygen? Oxygen is a gas that your body needs to work well.

Medically reviewed by Drugs.

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Last ated on Feb 3, How does your body get oxygen? Oxygen is a gas that your body needs to work well.

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Your lungs take the oxygen out of the air you breathe and put it into your blood. The blood takes the oxygen to all the cells in your body.

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Then the waste carbon dioxide is taken back to the lungs where you breathe it out. Why might you need extra oxygen? Sometimes a person needs more oxygen than he can get just by breathing.

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You may need extra oxygen if you have lung disease, anemia, or heart disease. Your body may also need extra oxygen after some injuries, such as burns.

Adding oxygen enrichment to a CPAP machine

What is an oxygen system? An oxygen system includes three main parts. The oxygen comes in a container. You will have a breathing device a mask or cannula to put on your face to receive the oxygen. If you're having trouble, check the manual that came with your machine.

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Make sure your air filter is in place. Your oxygen concentrator has an air inlet filter that removes particles and allergens from the air.

It should be located on the side of your machine. Wash it in warm water, then squeeze out the excess water. Pat it down with a clean towel before returning it to your machine.

Part 2 of Start your oxygen concentrator at least minutes before using it. It takes time for your oxygen concentrator to begin cycling the correct concentration of air. Plan accordingly.

Your oxygen concentrator should be the only item plugged into that outlet, as it will draw a lot of power.

Nov 01,   An oxygen concentrator pulls oxygen from the air around you, helping you get the oxygen you need. Your doctor may prescribe supplemental oxygen if you have a breathing condition, such as COPD, asthma, pneumonia, cystic fibrosis, lung disease, or sleep apnea. Before you can use your oxygen concentrator, you'll need to properly set it up%(39). Feb 03,   Hook the oxygen tube to the humidifier. Hook the other end of the oxygen tube to the tubing on the nasal cannula or mask. Turn on the oxygen supply if you are using an oxygen tank. Open the tank by turning the valve at the top counter-clockwise until the needle on the pressure gauge moves.

Some older outlets only have holes for the typical side-by-side prongs on an electrical cord, but your oxygen concentrator will have a third round prong on the plug. Do not use an extension cord, as this causes a fire risk. It could get damaged if it's already switched "on. Listen for the alarm.

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After a few seconds, the alarm will become silent. You will also hear an alarm if the power flow is interrupted. Part 3 of Locate the liter control knob or switch on your oxygen concentrator.

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What your knob looks like can vary, but it should be the main knob or switch on your machine. It may be marked for liters per minute LPM or levels, such as 1, 2, 3, etc.

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Turn the knob or switch until it points to your prescribed number. Your doctor will prescribe the appropriate amount of oxygen for you.

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Either check your written prescription or call the doctor. Avoid using more or less oxygen than your doctor has prescribed.

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Using the wrong oxygen setting can be harmful. Part 4 of Check your tubing for kinks or bends.

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These can interrupt the flow of oxygen, so smooth them out if you find any. You may need to replace your tubing if it won't straighten out. Put your mask over your face for low levels of oxygen. Make sure there are no gaps around the edges of the mask.

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Place the elastic attachment on the mask over your head or around your ears, depending on the style of your mask. Adjust the mask if it shifts or becomes loose. The heated hose should not change how you hook up your machine. The humidity setting is up to you based on what you are comfortable with. I live in a very dry climate. I just got the humidifier on my oxygen and I forgot to asks the technician to showed me how to use it. I have worked with Rex if this is the came company as the Denver store.

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CPAP Machine. Some masks feature an oxygen port; however, most masks do not and will require a small and inexpensive device called an Oxygen Bleed-In Adapter pictured left.

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TIP: If your mask has an oxygen port it may be covered with a small cap that you will be able to remove. Remove the cap by gently twisting and pulling until it pops off. Wiggle the rubber end of your tubing onto the plastic tube of your mask. Make sure the rubber end is pushed forward until it reaches the first level indentation on the mask tube.

Make sure you push the rubber portion of the tube as far forward as it comfortably allows.

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Push the end of your cannula firmly over the first nob until secure. Not sure where to connect the tubing to your machine? Refer to your owners manual for individualized directions.

Aug 23,   If you're having trouble with your home oxygen concentrator, a common problem is the lid on the water bottle. Ray Brawner, ProTech Medical Technician, demons. Inogen Connect is a Mobile Application that connects to any Inogen One G4 or G5 and provides the ability to monitor battery life, oxygen status and more. If an oxygen port exists on the frame, simply connect the oxygen tubing directly to the port and use normally. Many newer style nasal pillow masks don't have such a port. Oxygen Port on CPAP mask frame. If your CPAP mask does not have an oxygen port, no need to switch masks. It's important to use a CPAP mask which is comfortable.

With everything connected turn on the CPAP machine first and then the concentrator.

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