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Aubrey Plaza made the casting director so uncomfortable that she set up a meeting with the director, who ended up creating April for her. It's Garry Gergich - although he goes by Jerry for most of the series and also allows himself to be called Larry and Terry at various times. Jerry seems totally incompetent but is actually an amazing painter. No one really cares, though. Leslie cannot say no to a waffle - preferably with plenty of whipped cream.

Leslie's mom makes a pass at Ben, not knowing that he and Leslie are dating.

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Meanwhile, Chris makes radical changes in the office, and nobody is happy with them. Director: Matt Sohn. Watch on Prime Video included with Prime. Added to Watchlist.

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Best Episodes of Parks and Recreation. Perfect TV Episodes.

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Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. User Polls Donuts. Photos Add Image. Edit Cast Episode cast overview, first billed only: Amy Poehler Leslie Knope Rashida Jones Ann Perkins Aziz Ansari Tom Haverford Nick Offerman Ron Swanson Aubrey Plaza April Ludgate Chris Pratt Andy Dwyer Adam Scott Ben Wyatt Rob Lowe Chris Traeger Jim O'Heir Jerry Gergich Retta Donna Meagle Pamela Reed Marlene Knope Helen Slayton-Hughes Ethel Beavers Jim Jansen Stuart Tami D'Addio Kim Sara Van Horn Edit Storyline Everyone in the office is unhappy when Chris decides to make some big changes in the parks department - especially Tom who starts to question his career choices.

Genres: Comedy. Edit Did You Know? Trivia In the scene where Ben stands up to Leslie's Mom for whatever reason Amy Poehler couldn't keep a straight face and she only has one line in the scene, which took about 23 minutes to get right, you can view it on the season 3 blooper reel.

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Goofs It's inconceivable that after nearly a year or so in Pawnee, and spending considerable time with Leslie, that Ben would not have heard that her mother also works at City Hall and in fact is more prominent than Leslie.

Leslie's mom is the only family she has and they are not estranged. Additionally, Leslie has a photo of her mom behind her desk. Quotes Tom Haverford : Well, well, well. If it isn't Ethel Beavers. What's up, beautiful?

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Julianne Moore just called; she wants her hair back. However, over time, the two put aside their differences and even fell in love. But, like in a lot of fictional romances, there are parts of their relationship that just don't make sense. We're here to explore them.

Leslie's Soulmate - Parks and Recreation

She doesn't bother watching it, as shown by her line, "Our starship's in trouble," when playing along with Ben acting as the ruler of the Seven Kingdoms. Sure, partners have separate tastes in cts of popular culture. The show is very political, and she likely would have admired the strong women such as Daenerys Targaryen, Cersei Lannister, or Sansa Stark vying for political power in a male-dominated society, which is something Leslie lives through every day.

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No significant other should have to sacrifice their career for their partner's, regardless of the gender of either person. However, Ben does so multiple times, first resigning from his job at City Hall in order to avoid Leslie getting in trouble, and later quitting his job as a campaign manager in Washington in order to be with her.

RELATED: Parks and Recreation: 10 Best Leslie Knope Quotes From The Queen Herself. Leslie spent most of the series married to Ben, so she didn't date an awful lot of guys over the course of the show. Still, she had a few love interests, some great and some terrible. So, Parks and Rec fans, here are All Of Leslie's Major Love Interests, Ranked.

These are very sweet gestures, but they resulted in his unemployment and jumping from job to job while trying to find one he felt passionate about. Ultimately, his decisions put financial stress on himself, and eventually on Leslie. Leslie is a proud feminist. She stands for women and fights against the oppression and sexism that is rampant in the small town of Pawnee.

She works in a male-dominated field and fights her way for a seat at the table and having an equal say. She is even disgusted by the inappropriate advances of councilman and orthodontist Jeremy Jamm.

Parks and rec leslie online dating

And yet, Leslie treats Ben, particularly his butt, like it is her plaything, and does so in public spaces like City Hall, where she works. She should know that if any of her colleagues saw her behaving inappropriately with her significant other at her work, she would be reprimanded more than any of the men would.

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If she did know that, she wouldn't risk losing her peers' hard-earned respect. Determined to find out why they're a match, Leslie takes him out to lunch, which proves to be disastrous. Tom teases Leslie and reveals he has multiple accounts at the site with the hopes of attracting all types of women. Leslie is later relieved to learn Ben only turned her down because Chris has a strict policy against office relationships.

Feeling frustrated and powerless because of her situation with Ben, Leslie finds strength in a painting Jerry Gergich contributes to a community art show, which depicts her as a powerful and bare-chested Greek goddess. She's excited about the possibility of them working in the same building but is disappointed when Ann doesn't seem as excited as she expected.

That night, at The Snakehole LoungeLeslie is surprised and annoyed to find Ann partying on the dance floor instead of preparing for the job interview the next day. She insults Ann's dating lifestyle, which has been shown to include numerous one-night stands.

This prompts Ann to insult Leslie for moving too slow with Ben, whom Leslie is attracted to.

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The fight escalates throughout the night, and Leslie ultimately claims she always has to keep Ann motivated or she would not go anywhere. Both declare it best that Ann does not work with Leslie after all and they storm off. The next morning, Leslie deeply regrets how she treated Ann. Ben visits Ann at her home and asks her to forgive Leslie.

Ann convinces Leslie to join an online dating service, only to be matched with someone she already knows. Chris tries to ban meat from City Hall. Jerry's Painting The series concludes as Leslie gets the Parks and Rec group together for one last project, and we learn what the future holds for all of the friends. More Details. Watch Of Seasons: 7. Sep 05,   If you love Parks and Rec check out the free Nailed It Android App: I do not own the content of this video. "Parks and Recreation" wrapped up its seven-season run in Treat yo' self to a quiz that will test your knowledge of Leslie, Ron, Andy, Ben and the rest of the Pawnee gang.

Ann, who also regrets the fight, is touched by Ben's gesture and reveals that Leslie likes him. Ann decides to attend the job interview, during which she and Leslie apologize to each other. In " Road Trip ", Leslie and Ben appear on the verge of getting together, but Chris surprises them by showing up to celebrate their success of getting Pawnee chosen to host the Indiana Baseball Tournament.

Although Chris' constant interruptions spoil the mood, Leslie and Ben secretly kiss each other after getting back to Pawnee. Leslie and Ben revel in "the bubble," the beginning stage of a relationship when everything is simple and fun. Their bubble is threatened, however, when Leslie's notoriously tough mother Marlene Griggs-Knopea Pawnee politician, meets with Ben to discuss a business request.

Leslie initially makes Ben nervous for the meeting and Marlene believes him to be weak. When Leslie tries to prepare him for a follow-up meeting, Ben is so confident that Marlene ends up becoming attracted to him herself. Fed up, Ben admits he is secretly dating Leslie, much to Marlene's amusement. Leslie and Ben have trouble keeping their relationship secret, and their efforts to do so causes problems with Li'l Sebastian's eternal flame that nearly kills Ron with a fireball.

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Leslie is approached about possibly running for city council by political scouts Elizabeth and William Barneswhich has been a life-long dream of hers.

However, when asked about potential scandals in her life, she neglects to mention her secret relationship with Ben. After some encouragement from Ben, Leslie decides to run for City Council. She also finds out that she was actually born in Eagleton, Indiana because, according to her mother, the Pawnee Hospital was overrun by raccoons at the time.

Leslie soon comes to realize that while she is running, her relationship with Ben cannot continue, and they regretfully break up. Leslie then announces her city council candidacy to the public. She decides to hire Andy Dwyer as her assistant. After both Ben and Leslie find they cannot get over one another, they get back together.

Chris, regretfully, launches a full-scale investigation into their relationship and arranges an ethics hearing for each of them. Ben sacrifices his job to save Leslie from losing hers and she's suspended for two weeks with pay. The scandal of their relationship and her plummeting poll numbers causes her campaign staff, Elizabeth and William, to abandon her, and the Parks Department, including Ron, Donna, Andy, April, Ann, and Jerry, volunteers to be her new campaign staff.

Originally Ann is her campaign manager, as Leslie says Ben is "poison to my campaign", but ultimately she asks him to be her campaign manager. Her ex-boyfriend Dave Sanderson shows back up in Pawnee to interview for police chief after the end of his active duty in San Diego and, during an awkward dinner with her and Ben, unsuccessfully attempts to win her back. There are various hurdles Leslie and her campaign staff have to overcome against her opponent Bobby Newportheir to the Sweetums fortune, and his hotshot Washington campaign manager Jennifer Barkley from Washington, D.

In the Season 4 finaleBobby Newport is announced as the winner of the city council election by 21 votes.

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After a recount, Ann tells Leslie that she has won the election. Ben decides to accept the job offer from Jennifer to run a congressional campaign for Congressman Murray with some encouragement from Leslie to do so but the couple worries how they will cope with Ben moving to Washington, D. Leslie begins her first years as a city councilwoman along with councilmen, Howser, Dexhart, Milton and Jamm.

May 19,   Directed by Matt Sohn. With Amy Poehler, Rashida Jones, Aziz Ansari, Nick Offerman. Leslie's mom makes a pass at Ben, not knowing that he and Leslie are dating. Meanwhile, Chris makes radical changes in the office, and nobody is happy with them. Apr 21,   Directed by Ken Whittingham. With Amy Poehler, Rashida Jones, Aziz Ansari, Nick Offerman. Leslie is matched up with Tom on an Internet dating website, while Chris and Ron compete in a hamburger cook-off/10(K). "Soulmates" is the tenth episode of the American comedy television series Parks and Recreation's third season, and the 40th overall episode of the series. In the episode, Leslie is disappointed when Ben rejects her romantic advances, and is surprised when she is matched with Tom in an online dating Directed by: Ken Whittingham.

She proposes a soda tax against 64, and ounce soda cups, she teaches sex education to elders who have experienced STDs, she gets the lot for the Pawnee Commons, and in "Halloween Surprise" Ben comes back from Washington D. C and proposes to her, and she accepts.

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While the wedding was planned to be in May, they get married a few months ahead of time in a surprising gala ceremony to fundraise for the Pawnee Commons.

Leslie gets more female workers into the government, specifically sanitation. In "Jerry's retirement" Leslie stated she wants a family life like Jerry's. In "Are You Better Off" the citizens of Pawnee, who do not like the changes that councilwoman Knope made, are going to recall her, but she stays strong to better her image. Leslie Knope wins an award that takes her to London and Kathryn Pinewood tells Perd Hapley that she is trying to help Pawnee while Leslie is "gallivanting in Europe," and when Leslie accepts the awards she complains how her city treats her she later finds out the speech has been webcast in City Hall.

Ron reminds her she needs to be the adult in this scenario since she chose a thankless job.


Leslie was also the maid of honor in Ron and Diane's quick wedding on the fourth floor. In "Recall Vote" she is recalled from City Council and becomes very depressed, getting drunk with Ben and almost receiving a tattoo of his name. After a pep talk from Ann, she tries to get as much done as possible before her term is up. This angers Councilman Jamm, who is a dentist and hates fluoride because it prevents cavities that he can be paid to fill.

Later, after a heated discussion between Jamm, Leslie, and Chris, they get the lot for the Pawnee Commons, completing Leslie's quest to get it built. In the end, Leslie decided against running after Jen told her to dream bigger. As a 'last day on city council' gift, Ben planned a trip to Paris for him and Leslie in hopes to take her mind off things. Leslie and Ben fought regarding an issue concerning Pawnee's Farmers Market.

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