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A lot of dating advice is bullshit exception: my dating advice but if there's one thing I can tell you that is sound and true and good, it's this: You should delete the dating apps on your phone. Coffee Meets Bagel. Definitely The League. Put them in the trash. Dating apps are ruining your life-your dating life, at least.

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Even my hottest friends, who by all logic should be cleaning up on these apps, find online dating excruciating. Dating apps are about as enjoyable as punching yourself in the head every day, hoping that you'll meet your next partner that way, and about as effective.

But anyone who has swiped for six months without meeting one exciting person on Tinder will tell you that it is not, in fact, a numbers game.

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Tinder is a claw crane. Given how many people are using Tinder, and how often, we should all have found Tinder life partners by now.

We haven't. You can waste as much headspace as you want on the app, widen your search to 25 miles, up your age range to Or smoke some wee go to the botanical garden, and contemplate your relationship with your dad. Or simply buy some products to clean the grout in your filthy shower!

Id say delete the app but dont delete your account so your previous matches dont disappear. The girl im seeing that I met from Tinder and I deleted ours at the same time, about a month and a half into dating. Online/app dating is a tool so that you can meet people that otherwise you probably would never meet. An issue with that is (like I said) you're going to meet people you just aren't a good fit for, and you will meet people that are not a good fit for you. If you are going to delete your dating apps and take a break from online dating + move away from the area, what should you message the girls on those dating apps to get their number and offer to show them around your new location if they ever end up in the area? help App coins premium gifts. about careers press.

Either way, stop swiping through year-olds hoping a match will make you happy. How did I do it?

When I found that this girl and I clicked, I deleted the app. Got too busy talking to her through the app so no time to swipe. Exchanged numbers instead and bye dating app. Install, swipe, match, filter matches, date, delete.

More specifically, how do I keep them gone? We have all re-downloaded.

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I got out. The apps are genius.

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They make you feel lazy for not using them. So you re-download.

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And then you pour hours and hours of your time into them, and the apps never have to give you anything positive back in return. They know they can offer as little real value as possible, because single women will always come back.

The real reason I never re-downloaded the apps was that I saw how much I loved my life without them.

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I noticed how free and light I felt, how much more positively I viewed my own lifeand I actually got hours of my week back to say nothing of phone memory to do with whatever I pleased. If not, keep reading. How has life changed?

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Are you just giving up on meeting someone? How many dates have you been on since you deleted the apps? I have not had one guy romantically interested in me since I deleted the apps.

I have not had one guy ask for my phone number since I deleted the apps.

Mar 20,   A lot of dating advice is bullshit (exception: my dating advice) but if there's one thing I can tell you that is sound and true and good, it's this: You should delete the dating apps . is a network of communities based on people's interests. Find communities you're interested in, and become part of an online community! See the newest features from and join the r/beta community. Opt out of the redesign. Revert back to old for the time being. deactivate account.

And with the exception of one very angry man in a dirty Guns-N-Roses t-shirt I went on a date with in Williamsburg inthe same things were true the year before I deleted them, too. None of that has happened, either.

I deleted all the dating apps I have been going back and forth for years reinstalling tinder, deleting it redowloading mostly I think because I would start to get lonely but then I realized, I need to be with myself before I can attempt to find someone by flipping through like a magazine. Dating apps care about their numbers. A business has no vested interest in its users no longer needing its services. I don't care what they say to us on the subway ads. the app devs would have the counterintuitive "delete our app!" message which would be enough to make people remember it. it can be complete with a social media hashtag like #deletetheapp where you tag the devs. again, i hate marketing so i'm not doing it. you do it. go get your munnies. level 2.

The memes are funny. How the person who experiences the thing that led to the meme feels is not funny.

Why I Deleted all of my Dating Apps.

The foul treatment of single women on dating apps is not funny. Dating apps care about their numbers. A business has no vested interest in its users no longer needing its services.

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In 10 years, the dating apps never changed.

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