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Screw this pressure gauge into the throttle valve pressure port on the passenger side and you get throttle valve pressure. If there is damage and resulting metal particles are present in the fluid, the transmission must be torn down, inspected, and thoroughly cleaned. The torque converter must be replaced because it is virtually impossible to flush out contaminants.

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If start-up is uneventful you are good to continue. With the engine at idle and the vehicle on a level surface, run the selector through all gear ranges and back to park.

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Make sure the parking brake is set and the selector is in park. Check the fluid again as the sump warms. If it is overfull, you must siphon out excess fluid or face foaming and damage. Examine the dipstick at a hot idle and look for evidence of foaming air bubbles and any debris.

The AOD transmission is a Ford model that was introduced in aimed at emphasizing fuel economy and durability. While many transmissions of the time had a fourth gear installed as a basic afterthought only there for minimal purpose, the AOD was designed . The AOD (automatic overdrive) is a four-speed automatic transmission with teknoderas.comuced in , it was Ford's first four-speed automatic overdrive transmission. The gearset design is based on the Ford "X" automatic transmissions used during the s, '60s, and '70s. The AOD replaced many of Ford's older transmissions such as the C4, C5, and light duty applications of the teknoderas.comg: hookup. STEP 2. Locate the oil return line to the transmission. On Chrysler and most Ford transmissions, this is the line to the rear of the transmission case. On GM TH, TH, THR4, and Powerglide transmissions, this is the upper oil line to the transmission case. On GM TH, THR4, 4L80E and Ford AOD transmissions, this is the lower oil.

Those first miles with the AODE and 4R70W are mostly a matter of getting to know the process for the PCM; it takes a while to map out a program before everything settles in. Shifts are uteknoderas.comedictable at first but then settle into a predictable routine.

Expect to experience some slippage or even a harsh shift or two at first.

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Before you embark upon TV cable adjustment, make sure the throttle cable or linkage is in proper adjustment and the throttle is wide open when the accelerator pedal is on the floor.

With the accelerator pedal at rest, the throttle should be at idle stop.

It also calls for a pressure gauge at the throttle valve pressure port on the passenger side of the transmission case. You need a pressure gauge 0 to psi screwed into the throttle valve pressure port on the passenger side of the transmission case. Make sure the pressure gauge hose is well away from hot exhaust pipes. The throttle valve pressure port gives you throttled line pressure, which corresponds with throttle position.

If you have a choice, this is the best setup to use because Ford has done all of the engineering work for you. At idle throttle close you have low line pressure, which is what you want during deceleration and light throttle.

With low line pressure, there is no cable tension throttle closed and virtually no shift felt slippage. When the throttle is opened, cable movement and tension increase, modulating line pressure accordingly via the throttle valve, which is what you want when power is applied.

Rather than the intake manifold vacuum affecting line pressure, the throttle valve does it instead. Assembly workers simply snapped a TV cable block pin into the closed throttle and locked the block and cable. You want a balance between cable tension and no cable tension with the cable slack, yet just short of tension.

If you have a factory fuel-injected application, install the cable block at the closed throttle and lock the block with everything touching yet without cable tension. You want cable tension just as the throttle is coming off idle.

How to Install an AOD transmission into a Foxbody Mustang

The cable should be slack, with the throttle closed and the accelerator linkage relaxed. The cable must be snug, yet not tight. Lokar provides the necessary tools and information to properly adjust the TV cable.

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When this throttle rod is properly adjusted, all you have to do is make minor adjustments at the throttle body or carburetor. If both adjustments are where they should be, the throttle valve lever just inside the transmission is just touching the throttle valve without any pressure. In other words, the rod is limp with no pressure or tension.

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Accelerator pedal pressure, no matter how slight, moves the throttle valve. With the engine at idle speed, set the parking brake firmly and place the shifter in neutral.

Back the throttle valve rod adjustment at the carburetor or throttle body all the way out. Then turn the adjustment screw three additional turns clockwise. If it is not possible to turn the adjustment screw at least three full turns, the adjustment at the transmission is off and must be adjusted.

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Next, move the throttle valve lever at the transmission against the internal stop inside the transmission not against the throttle valve and tighten the trunnion bolt. When you perform throttle valve rod adjustment using a pressure gauge, the engine and transmission should be at operating temperature.

With the engine at idle against the throttle stop, insert a thickness gauge or drill bit.

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Throttle valve pressure should be 30 to 40 psi. Turn the adjustment screw to achieve the ideal pressure of 33 psi. When the shifter is moved into gear, throttle valve pressure should rise 2 to 35 psi.

Jun 20,   The Ford AOD transmission was evident in cars like the Mustangs, Fairmont, and LTDs around an and it was quite unique even though not in a really good way. For starters, it uprooted the Second gear in the shift pattern which left the latter dwindling in the gory land without remarkable teknoderas.comg: hookup. The shift lever fits directly on When you free text someone, with large color photographs, aod transmission hookup one year late. Third base is oral and a home run is well, doing the deed. A hookup culture is one that accepts and encourages casual sexual encounters, music festivals and sporting events be your guide in choosing a KOA location. The Ford AOD uses a throttle valve (TV) cable instead of a vacuum diaphragm to tell the transmission how much throttle you're giving the motor, so it can Adjustment of the TV cable is critical. fry your transmission in only a few miles.

Never adjust throttle valve pressure with the shifter in gear. Adjustments must be made in neutral. If the pressure is not 5 psi, back out the adjustment screw counterclockwise until the pressure drops to 5 psi. Then check the throttle valve pressure again with the thickness gauge or drill bit.

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It should be above 30 psi. There are two types of TV cable systems used on late-model Fords with port fuel injection. Although the two systems are different in function, they do essentially the same thing. Both pull a cable that operates the throttle valve. With both types, you want the cable slack at idle, yet tension on the cable begins when the throttle comes off idle stop.

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This is what makes TV cable adjustment simple. The only difference between the two cable systems is how they adjust and lock down. With some earlier AOD applications, you have a toggle-style adjustment at the throttle body.

With the engine at idle, the parking brake set, the toggle adjuster unlocked, the transmission selector in neutral, and the T86LA gauge tool between the crimped slug on the cable end and the plastic fitting, push the cable slider forward slowly until pressure hits 33 psi.

Aod transmission hookup

With the throttle at idle stop and the throttle valve lever inside the transmission just touching the throttle valve, you should see 5 psi. You can make this tool yourself using flat washers stacked to this thickness and achieve the correct spacing, which should yield psi pressure.

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Then test-drive and pay close attention to shift quality and timing. Another bone of contention is its complicated twin input-shaft system. On the same note, the inner shaft which is driven directly off the engine plays a role in controlling the Overdrive. Finally, the Third gear is divided between two shafts, where 60 percent is concentrated in a small inner shaft that is susceptible to breakable.

The setup of this system allows only hp to be supported before it finally gives way to breakage. However, some car fanatics may not be totally satisfied with fixing the single-input shaft or settling with this range and may be looking at some around 1, hp and even more.

The AOD has the neutral safety switch mounted above the valve body on the driver's side of the transmission and the speedometer drive cable is attached to the vehicle speed sensor on the driver's side as well. This transmission uses a throttle valve linkage or cable assembly to regulate the shifts. Oct 03,   The AOD does not require any wiring to be hooked up. The wiring is for what was stated earlier (Nuetral switch, reverse light). What you do need is a kickdown bar going from your carb to the valve body (there is a small lever above the shift linkage) in order to open up the valve body. chevy uses vaccuum, Ford used mechanical. The AOD takes a tooth AOD-specific flexplate instead of the smaller tooth pieces common to the C4 and early Ford manual transmissions. Because the AOD is longer, the crossmember must position the mount farther to the rear of the vehicle to support the transmission.

Think of it as a transmission rebuild, but something less complicated. An instance is the case of Len Bertrand, a car expert who has employed an AOD, the Ford parts catalog, and valve body re-engineering to create a transmission that can support over 1, hp.

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How did it come about? The first thing is a re-engineering of the valve body to engage the Reverse and Third clutches at the same time when the AOD is in its Third gear. As a result, the stress on the small inner input shaft is reduced.

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Another modification is in the forward sun gear. Instead of locking only the Third-Fourth planetary carrier to the forward sun gear, the Reverse sun gear can also be locked to it.

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What this does is to enable the transmission to trigger the beefy end of the input shaft. With these two arrangements in place, you can get a That being the case, you can also look forward to twice the power potential of the Turbo which is suitable for street and race applications. And hey, you may have successfully eliminated the problem of the AOD bopping into the Drive and Overdrive which in traffic. The bulletproof nature of the Ford AOD transmission can be unraveled just by knowing the right buttons to push.

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The common mistake with AOD conversions is getting the ratio between the throttle and the TV cable wrong. Most incorrect installs just find a pre-drilled hole in the throttle bracket, but the geometry is wrong. To get it right you may have to fabricate an adapter plate for the throttle bracket.

The cable needs to move exactly as much as the throttle. Not just kinda close.

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