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Our stunning reception venue will be available for viewings by appointment only over the next few weeks! Get in touch for more information, to see our brochure or to arrange a viewing, emai Keep an eye on the page for ates! As i'm sure you are all aware, pubs have now been given the go ahead to open on Saturday 4th July. After careful consideration and planning, we have decided NOT

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Our goal with matchmaking is to ensure your Heroes of the Storm games are fun, fair, and challenging. Matchmaking in Heroes boils down to striking a balance between creating the best possible matches in terms of player skill, and initiating games in a reasonable amount of time. Currently, the matchmaker is always seeking to make the best possible matches it can based on a set of criteria it uses to find equally skilled allies and opponents. The longer players wait in the queue, the looser these restrictions become in order to get players into a match as quickly as possible. We originally set up these somewhat elastic matchmaking rules to speed up wait times. Unfortunately, decreasing wait times sometimes comes at the expense of match quality. This can be especially noticeable at the highest skill levels, where there are fewer players in the queue at any given time.

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Blizzard announced during its "State of the Game" BlizzCon panel in November that Heroes of the Storm would be getting a new matchmaking system before the end of the year. Where the original system, based on the one used by StarCraft 2, focused on speed rather than match quality, the new way of doing things reverses those priorities, which Blizzard said should lead to a more consistent rate of "quality" matches. The tradeoff is a potentially longer wait for match creation, as the system attempts to put together players with similar matchmaking ratings MMR. Queue priority will be given to players who have been waiting the longest, which will help keep waits to a hopefully reasonable rate, and if the matchmaker determines that your wait time has become "excessive," it will broaden the parameters of its search, meaning that you could end up facing an opponent slightly above or below your ranking despite the changes. Blizzard added, however, that most players are unlikely to experience this, as it will primarily affect "those at the extreme ends of the MMR spectrum when searching for a match during off-peak queue times.

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